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API 6D Trunnion Mounted Ball Valve



 2 Pieces Soft Seated Trunnion Ball Valve 2-PC Cast Steel Design ball valves featuring with 2-PC split body, trunnion mounted ball. This type of valves has advantage of less weighted and cost effective. It is ideal for frequent on-off flow control in big size and high pressure pipeline. The ball valves are fire safe per API 607 and API 6FA….
 3 Pieces Forging Ball Valve 3-PC Forged Steel Design ball valves using with 3-PC split body, trunnion mounted ball. Fully forged steel structure eliminates the inevitable casting defects, ideal for high pressure service. It also has advantage of quick delivery compare with conventional cast steel type…..
 Top Entry Ball Valve Top Entry Design ball valves using with uni-body, top entry trunnion mounted ball. This type of valves gives convenient of in-line repair or replace valve internal components without dismantling it from pipeline.. These ball valves are all fire safe designed comply with API 607 & API 6FA…..
 Metal Seated Trunnion Ball Valve Metal seated trunnion mounted ball valves are featured in 2-pcs forged / 3-pcs side entry types, and can be used in severe working service, such as solid particle, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion service etc. The metal seated trunnion Mounted ball valves are ….
 All Welded Pipeline Ball Valve Full Welded Design ball valves using with fully forged welded body ideal for application of Gas transmission & storage. The fully welded body design has no bolted bonnet or body joints that can ensure no potential body joint leak for environmental concern.


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