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API 600 Gate Globe Check Valve



 Cast Steel Valve This line of valves is one of our main products. We offer customer wide range of size, pressure rating and material selection; also we keep stock for quick delivery according to customer requests. We widely use API, ASME, ANSI, JIS, BS EN, DIN, ISO standards for design …
 Bellow Valve Leakage from the valve gland is often a problem for environment protection & sometime it is quite dangerous if such leakage is from a hazardous fluid. we bellow seal valves are designed with a bellow cartridge welded to the valve bonnet and stem.
 Pressure Seal Valve Pressure seal valves are designed for high temperature, high pressure, services mainly encountered in fossil fuel power plant. Compare with bolted bonnet valves, the pressure seal valves are less complicated and can provide absolute excellent seal service with minimum maintenance. …
 Forged Steel Valve Forged steel valves contains Gate, Globe & Check valves designed fully comply with API 602. We can offer standard bolted bonnet joint with optional welded bonnet. We can also offer forged steel gate, globe valve with bellow seal. Stellited seating face is forged steel valve standard design….


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