About Us

Maxbright Group Inc. is specializing in manufacturing, trading, freight forwarding.  Group include: Mecco Valve Co.,Ltd., Maxbright Industry Co.,ltd.,  Uniglory International Co.,ltd., Ichi compressor Co.,ltd.   Our products are applied to many industries and popular in the world.

Special Product Quality Control

Raw materials testing, in accordance with the ISO9001 requirements and Group control procedures, incoming raw materials from to the casting plant according to the company under the requirements of sampling its chemical composition, mechanical properties of the test bar, at the same time inspection of blank wall thickness, size, etc., materials testing could not reach provided for spot checks should be rejected until meeting with the ASTM standards;

The process control, the various processes control in accordance with the ISO9001 quality control procedures documentation requirements , inspectors are equipped with quality, timely and abnormal changes in the quality of supervision, so that product quality placed under the control of supervision.


Test and measurement products, the company provides that each product after assembly must be in accordance with the provisions for the strength and sealing test of API598, according to company standards in the control of strength and sealing can not see any visible leakage. It’s strictly than the standard requirements

Quality management system to improve the sustainable capacity. According the standard of ISO 9001,we have strict quality information control procedures , the authority department in charge of collection anomalies quality information in the production process , develop corrective and preventive measures promptly delivered to relevant departments for effective control and supervision.